Things you NEVER would have thought of to PREPARE for a home loan application

  • Don’t pay out your personal loans or credit cards – YET
  • Have your Drivers Licence and Medicare card as a minimum for ID
  • Know how much you spend on MacDonald’s each month (and everything else you buy)
  • Know your mother’s maiden name
  • Don’t change jobs prior to applying for mortgage
  • know your GROSS income
  • Don’t apply for new credit even if it is interest only – resist that furniture package deal!
  • The less accounts the better.
  • Be nice to your in-laws
  • Ignore friendly advice at BBQs
  • Get email on your phone
  • Make a super effort to know your SUPERANNUATION insurance details
  • Make a friend in your HR department
  • Know your goals in life – not just the next 3 months
  • Quit smoking ( good advice for saving money and applying for mortgage protection)
  • Don’t buy a pet – yet