Does your Interest rate start with a 2?

With recent RBA cuts, we are now seeing interest rates as low as 2.09% and some lenders are giving *cash rebates up to $4,000. With the current environment now, it’s the time to ensure you are in the right Home Loan for you and your circumstances.

Here are some examples of what some of Aussie Dream Home Loan clients have achieved:

Matthew & Monica saved $1,444 per month after refinancing to a rate of 2.09%. Annual savings of $17,328.

Bruce & Dianna saved $950 per month plus they received a $2,000 cash rebate after consolidating multiple loans.

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*Cash rebate and lending criteria terms & conditions apply This is not a guarantee of rebate or eligibility.

How could refinancing change your life?

Matthew & Monica

Reduced their repayments by $17,328 per year

or $1,444 per month.

Matthew and Monica were on a fixed interest rate starting with a 5 and potentially revert to 4.59% variable rate at the end of the Fixed Rate period, with a major lender.

After refinancing to a different lender, Matthew and Monica reduced their interest rate to 2.09% saving them a huge $1,444 per month.

This gives Matthew and Monica some breathing room for savings, investments and the renovations they have been thinking about.

Bruce & Dianna

Reduced their repayments by $950 per month.

Bruce & Dianna had a mortgage and high credit card monthly repayments, along with high school aged children attending a Private School, with hefty fees. It was an exceptional school and the children were excelling there. They needed access to extra funds every month to keep them at this great school.

After refinancing and consolidating debt, Bruce and Dianna reduced their Interest rate to 2.77%, providing them with an extra $950 per month, which eased the financial strain and their children can now remain at their private school where they will continue to excel in their education.